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A commonly lamented sexual woe for countless men in the US who are sexually active is a prominent form of sexual dysfunction called erection dysfunction. It can also be called erectile dysfunction, just to clear up any confusion that might exist in your mind when reading this article. You have two choices when facing erection dysfunction treat it and enjoy a better existence where sex is no longer a struggle every single time, or ignore it and live a life of sexual ambiguity. Naturally, most men will agree that treating erection dysfunction is the best option. Let’s explore the causes of erection dysfunction and your modern day treatment options so that you can be as best informed as is possible.


Most Common Causes of Erection Dysfunction

By better understanding what the most common causes of erection dysfunction are you can more easily approach dealing with the treatment of them. There are five that are deemed to be the leading causes of erection dysfunction today, and they are as follows:

  • The aging process
  • Drug/Alcohol Abuse
  • Smoking
  • Diseases
  • Diet/Obesity


Drugs for Treating Erection Dysfunction

You do have some options with prescription drugs for treating erection dysfunction; which are one of the most popular methods of treatment. There are about five name brands of ED drugs that can be prescribed. They all work to improve blood flow to the penis so you can get erections and maintain them. Keep in mind that ED drugs are expensive, and they require frequent trips to see the doctor; they do have associated side effects and risks involved with using them, too.


Surgery for Treating Erection Dysfunction

Some men can treat erection dysfunction by getting surgery to correct the issue. This is a very risky, painful and invasive process, not to mention that correctional surgery for ED is very expensive as well. Some men can benefit from surgery, and others will require drugs. This is something that only a medical doctor can advise you upon as far as your options with surgery are concerned.


Natural Remedies for Treating Erection Dysfunction

Mother Nature does have an answer for dealing with erection dysfunction naturally. Newer remedies work just as well as drugs and improve blood flow. But they don’t cost nearly as much, they do not require a prescription and they can even be ordered online. Don’t overlook remedies for treating erection dysfunction as one of your viable treatment options.