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Natural Remedies versus Erectile Drugs – Who Wins?

When comparing two of the leading solutions for treating erectile dysfunction, erectile drugs and natural remedies, it’s a curious comparison of the dynamic duo. On one side of coin, proponents of erectile drugs will herald it as a viable medical treatment option; on the other side are naturopathic enthusiasts that would rather find a more suitable organic solution as opposed to relying upon synthetic drugs.


But how do they compare to one another, and are erectile drugs better than herbal remedies for ED, or do they have similar offerings? Let’s explore a few of the top features of both to see who wins. Keep in mind that erectile drugs may be a fabulous solution for some, whereas herbal supplements could be the light at the tunnel for others.


Natural Remedies Work Faster Than Erectile Drugs & Last Longer

The reality is that drugs take longer to kick in – in most cases – than herbal supplements do. Newer supplements even have fast acting absorption technology, allowing them to take effect in about 30 minutes or so. They also tend to last longer than most erectile drugs do, up to 72 hours in the system; of which, only one erectile drug can compare to this long lasting nature.


More People Can Take Natural Remedies Over Erectile Drugs

Another aspect to consider is who can take erectile drugs, as many people are unable to due to side effects or interactions with medicines they are currently taking. For these people – who represent a large portion of those would use erectile drugs – remedies are generally their only option. Since remedies don’t contain the same ingredients as erectile drugs do, they often will be able to be taken by more people as a natural treatment option.


Remedies Are More Affordable Than Erectile Drugs & Are Nonprescription

Another thing to consider is cost. Erectile drugs can run a patient up to $25 per pill (if they don’t have health insurance). But with herbal remedies, they are competitively priced and more affordable, often only costing a few dollars per pill. Last but certainly not least, remedies don’t require prescriptions, costly tests or expensive doctor visits, and are more obtainable as a result.